About ShedCode

I'm James Jefferies: a software engineer, web developer and all-round problem solver.

I set up ShedCode as a platform to work on interesting projects with interesting people. I love arts, culture and heritage, and nothing inspires me more than being able to combine these passions with my work. Along with the ShedCode Network of collaborators, I bring technology into industries and businesses where you wouldn’t normally expect to find a digital solution.

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After years of working as a developer for Barclays, Yorkshire Electricity and Technophobia, I set up ShedCode to work as a freelance developer on financial projects. Working as the Technologist in Residence as part of the Happenstance Project, I helped The Site Gallery in Sheffield to de-mystify technology. Here, I learned first hand how technological solutions can benefit arts and culture organisations. Following the residency, ShedCode began to move in a new creative direction. With the skills of a Creative Technologist under my belt, I was now able to embrace both hardware and software to build innovative and useful products for truly fascinating projects. The ShedCode Network will continue to grow. As technology continues down new and exciting routes, so will ShedCode.


How We Work


For most of our projects, we work remotely from our office in Sheffield. That said, we love to get stuck in and work from our clients’ offices from time to time. We’ve found that projects run more smoothly if we take time at the beginning to learn how your organisation works, fully understand your requirements, and spend time with your experts (which often involves a visit or two to your offices).


You won’t find us starting a project then never hearing from us until the end. We will keep you updated regularly and would much prefer to chat about any question or problem you might have sooner rather than later. We can keep in touch via phone, Skype, email, and face-to-face - whichever is appropriate for the conversation at hand.


A classic waterfall project or a project that requires a bit of Agile thinking? A straightforward brief or a problem but no solution? Whatever your situation, we think on our feet and can adapt our processes to fit your project.

Technical Experience